About Us


Latin Virtual Cities – CIVILA – is a project of virtual communities, free content and human networks of interconnection, access and local presence that seeks to serve as a means, space and support for the empowerment of people and and equitable access for all communities in the called the Information and Knowledge Society.

Our network of local, regional and thematic portals serves since 2004 as a framework for the interaction of people, institutions and communities, through digital tools, collaboration with local institutions and facilitating the distribution of original and quality content.

More than 10 million people participate each month in our local and regional initiatives.

About Xolutiva

The network of virtual cities and portals of CIVILA, Educate, Virtual Libraries and other related projects is a product of the Xolutiva Portals and Internet unit.

About Educate

It is a space of virtual communities of collective learning that seeks to serve as a repository of local educational content, original quality and provide tools, methodology, reference material, resources and virtual communities that support local, community and regional initiatives to empower people and communities to take charge of their destiny, produce a significant impact on their immediate environment and contribute to a better future for themselves and their communities.