Calculate Your Leave Entitlement In the UK

As soon as a worker begins their job, annual leave starts to accrue. Employers can use either a leave year' (or an 'accrual) system to determine how much time their employees should be allowed to take.

Staff on temporary leave due to coronavirus (COVID-19), are entitled to leave as if they were still at work. To calculate how much leave someone needs, use the annual holiday calculator in the UK.

Year of the Leave

Employers should inform their employees about the dates of their statutory holiday year as soon as they begin working. For example, it could be from 1 January to 31 Dec.

This is the time that workers must take their statutory leaves. If the leave year is not specified in a contract, it will begin.

  • If you started your new job after October 1, 1998, the first day is the most important.

  • If started before or on October 1, 1998

Maternity, paternity, or adoption leave does, not affect the leave year or holiday entitlement. These periods do not affect the employee's holiday entitlement.

When you start a new job, leave entitlement

A worker can only get part of the annual leave if they start their job during a leave year. The number of years left will determine what they receive.

To calculate how much time someone has, use the holiday entitlement calculator.

Accrual system

Employers can use an accrual system for workers' leave in the first year. This system allows workers to receive one-twelfth (or one-twelfth) of their monthly leave.