Defence Strategies of a Criminal Lawyer

Being charged with a crime should not be taken lightly. Committing a crime is punishable by penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Criminal law is complex so it is best to leave it to a criminal attorney with the proper training and experience to defend you in court.

Defenses in criminal law

Everyone accused of a criminal offense has the right to seek legal remedies available to him to avoid or reduce his sentence. Your defense strategy includes hiring a criminal defence lawyer who is familiar with the rules of criminal procedure and defense available under the Criminal Code.

Some defenses against criminal liability include self-defense, insanity, and the exercise of power or legal orders. Your attorney should be able to determine whether any of these objections are in your favor, when to file them, and how to present the objections in court.

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Some principles of criminal law

While criminal laws are administered by individual jurisdictions across the country, the same basic principles apply regardless of where you have been charged. These principles include:

Presumption of Innocence

Anyone who is charged with the commission of an offense is considered innocent until the prosecution is able to prove that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The slightest doubt that the accused has committed the offense charged will result in his acquittal or finding of "not guilty."

Moreover, it is the prosecution's duty to present enough evidence before the judge or jury to prove the guilt of the accused in what is known as the burden of proof.