Free Automation Tools For Mobile App Testing

Mobile technology has become the game-changer in the current technology landscape and people are crazy about it. Nine people are using mobile devices out of every ten in the United States which shows the extensive use of mobile power. If you want to get more information about mobile app testing visit

Millions of mobile applications are available in the app stores and on mobile devices, it needs a great mobile application testing process for all the apps just before the launching. So it is very important for an app that it should be well tested before it gets launched.

Here in this article, we will consider some of the best automation tools being used especially for Android app testing and IOS apps. Here we have 5 automation tools that are very popular in the testing community.

 All the below-mentioned tools are free and very useful for mobile applications:

FoneMonkey 5

This tool is mainly used for iPhone and iPad apps, it records all the performed actions as a test script and we can run it any time. There are lots of features in this tool as it gives code generation options and is optimized for both iPhone as well as for iPad. 


This tool is also used for iPhone applications as it provides the canvas for testing the design. This tool is very beneficial for those developers who want to develop a website 320 *480 on iPhone.

W3C mobileOK Checker

It is just a Quality assurance tool for mobile applications which ensures the quality of a webpage. It is announced by the W3C that it will be a free tool for web developers.