How To Choose The Right Wood Batten Flooring

The right flooring is important for the interior of your home, it enhances the beauty of the home hence it is important to get the right choice. 

Flooring is a long time investment so you need to analyze and spend proper time while making any decision. Below mentioned points need your special attention while choosing the wood batten flooring (which is also known as ‘พื้นไม้ระแนง‘ in the Thai language).

Specifies the color: The best thing about wood batten floors is a variety of natural colors available, which is complementary to interior design styles. There are several factors to keep in mind while choosing the color. 

If you repair a room that does not get much use, you must opt ​​for white and pale gray wood floors. It is especially good for smaller rooms because it helps to increase the space as more light to reflect from it.

The width and length: When it comes to the batten floor, you also need to decide what is the perfect length and width of your floor. You can decide between a smaller or more longboard, but this decision should be made to the size of the room in mind.

Durability: Wood floors have a variety of options in terms of durability, and this depends on the species wood flooring you choose. Choose the best quality wood battens to ensure durability.

Installation of wood batten flooring is an important task and requires proper maintenance. Experienced professionals suggest you about the types of flooring according to your needs. So, it is always good to hire a professional for your flooring installation.