Know Everything Related to Bradford Factor Calculators

Bradford Factor trigger points

Different businesses evaluate Bradford Factor scores in different ways. Certain employers define trigger points that when they are reached, are flagged to the managers. The location of these trigger points and the actions triggered is completely dependent on the business. 

A Bradford Factor trigger point could be the cause of an informal meeting with the line manager or a higher trigger point could trigger action for a formal disciplining process.

Utilizing the Bradford Factor calculator

Instead of making these calculations by yourself, you can make use Bradford Factor score calculator. Simply enter the scores, and it will perform calculations for you.

Is the Bradford Factor legal?

In a nutshell: the answer is "yes" – however only if the triggers you define and the results that they cause are reasonable. There's no way to cut and paste to decide what's an acceptable trigger in this situation therefore, you'll need to decide on your own.

When you set your Bradford serving Factor trigger points, consider what scenarios could result from the policy – would you feel at ease with defending the decision to an impartial observer?

The benefits of the Bradford Factor

  • It's effective

The process of calculating it doesn't take much time and can be done easily. Many HR software includes the Bradford Factor built-in, so you can begin using this tool right from the beginning.

  • Fair

The Bradford Factor is a mathematical equation and treats all people equally irrespective of their status. The use of an equation will help ensure that there is no favoritism in HR departments.