Making the Skin Comfortable With Efficacious Treatments for Melasma

In fact, melasma means brown or dark skin. This is called "pregnancy mask". Statistics have shown that 6 million women across America now face this disappointment.

Yes, it can affect someone's skin but it is often seen in older women and people who are experiencing HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and taking birth control pills.

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Making the Skin Comfortable With Efficacious Treatments for Melasma

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This skin disease is prevalent among men and women of Native American descent and men and women of German or Russian Jewish descent.

Melasma: Remedy

Usually, the spots and dark spots on the skin disappear on their own but this requires a very long time. Lotions with high concentrations of SPF (15 or more) should be exploited if a person has melasma, as ultraviolet rays and the sun stimulate the development of melasma as a result of a protective response to external stimuli.

Below are some remedies that will help a person eliminate black stains:

Given below are some effective remedies to lighten these hyperpigmented stains:

Topical brokers such as hydroquinone available at the strength of any chemist store (2 percent) or prescribed lotion (4 percent).

Azelaic acid may help reduce the action of pigment cells called melanocytes.

Facial rind using algic acid using alpha hydroxide and chemical peel. Remember that this therapy should not be used during pregnancy.

All of the above measures require rigorous avoidance of ultraviolet rays as well as plodding. The use of broad-spectrum creams (sunscreens) using physical blockers such as zinc-carbon and carbon oxide is preferred over chemical blockers.