Photo Blanket: Design Your Personalised Blanket

Cushions and blankets are also very popular forms of photo gift and can also be personalized with your selection of favorite photos.

Photo blankets

Photo blankets also make great personalized anniversary gifts. They provide benefits related to the photographic cushion in terms of the idea of the front and back of the cushion, but they come in different sizes. If you are interested you can search custom blankets for cuddles and memories as the perfect gift. The safe, warm and easy photo mat can be used as a lap sheet for watching TV, can be used to give a room a bit of personality, or can even be used as a travel blanket in the car. 

Photo cushions

The cushions come in a medium or large size and the standard design is such that you can create the design for the front of the cushion using a photo, another image, and even text. You can also choose a color for the padded backrest, although if you need to add character to the pillow, you can combine the idea as the front or create a completely new and unique idea.

Mounting blankets

Another option with the photo blanket is to create your montage. Use software like Microsoft Publisher to create a montage or collage of your images and then print it on the blanket instead of a single image.