Selecting The Best Size Sink To Fit Your Cabinets

The typical size of the base for a sink is 33 inches. For your sink to be put in place, you must make sure that there is enough space for the clips to be used to secure the sink on the counter. Although the requirements for installation differ from sink to sink generally you'll require approximately 1/2-inch to 1 inch of space around the side of the sink to properly install it.

Undermount sinks will be placed underneath the counter, and then secured to the countertop using silicone sealant. They are then secured with clips to the countertop's bottom. These clips require only a tiny amount of space to install. For instance, a typical sink base that is 33 inches wide will be able to fit a 32 1/2" sink or less. You can also go to to get an ideal 33-inch sink.



Be sure that whenever you are looking at the dimensions of a sink you check the overall dimensions, also the measurements from one end of the rim of the sink to the next, and not only the dimensions that the bowls. If you own a 33-inch Sink Base Cabinet, then anything greater than 32 1/2 inches is not possible without a custom-designed cabinet.

Top Mount sinks have a rim that is placed on the countertop's top that is then sealed on the counter with silicone or caulk. They will also feature ridges under which clips are installed to keep the sink to the countertop. The same rules are applicable to top mount basins as undermounts; you'll need at least a half inch between the overall dimensions that your cabinet is and the overall dimensions of the sink.