Types Of Turf Used In Golf Courses

Nowadays golf game rely on artificial turf rather than natural grass. As an easy-to-maintain alternative to natural grass, artificial turf requires no watering and maintains a flawless green appearance year-round.

In addition, artificial turf is more environmentally friendly than natural grass, as it does not affect air or groundwater quality. You can pop over to this website https://precision-greens.com/ to buy the best artificial grass for golf courses.

Synthetic turf consists of drainage pipes, base material, artificial turf, and filler. Listed below are the different types of artificial grass and fillers used on golf game.

Lazy grass: Artificial green fringes made of rotting grass are great for mowing and dropping. Rotten grass is soft, fibrous grass with a sandy filling that is great for mowing. Lazy lawn fringes have a built-in rubber impact that acts as a cushion and absorbs impact from broken balls.

Infill sand: The artificial green filled with sand can be adjusted to change the surface speed. Sand filling allows the ball on the surface to maintain a constant speed without sudden changes. Speed increases with the addition of more sand and the deeper the filling, the tougher the grass. Dry sand is used as a filler.

Rubber pads: Synthetic grass with a rubber coating offers an ideal playing surface that is realistic and heavy.