Video Marketing-Win New Clients In A Short Time

As a knowledgeable marketer, you are always looking for a benefit. The competition for customers is lively. You need to generate leads, build your brand and promote your products and services effectively. The future for sharing videos online is bright. The data suggest this trend will significantly increase. Find out more video marketing strategies to grow your Business.

But first let us discuss compelling facts about online video marketing:

Fact # 1: Online Video Marketing Explodes

To say that video marketing is developing is a euphemism. Its acceptance and adoption rate is remarkable. In the United States alone, YouTube has more than 189 million unique viewers.

But effective marketing needs to be targeted. For B2B traders, this is not a problem. Today, 83% of executives view more videos online than last year, according to a poll by Forbes Insights.

It means you can get a bigger exposure. More viewers – viewers who matter – lead to more customers. And more customers lead to more sales. You will not have to explain this to your boss.

Fact # 2: Online Video Marketing is Versatile

Versatility translates into extraordinary marketing power. The video introduces a new means of communication. It enhances existing marketing platforms by giving them life, such as email marketing.

Video viewing is faster and, in many cases, better than reading text. Now you reach a wider audience.

Fact # 3: The possibility of sharing is fast and effortless

The future of online video sharing is promising. The data suggest that this trend will increase considerably. Younger executives share videos at much higher rates. While 47% of executives say they post videos on social networks, this percentage increases to 69% for young executives.