Types Of Cooking Equipment To Be Taken On Camping

Often people are so excited about their camping trips, they do not put much thought into their cooking to be done. This could be a big mistake because once you're out for hiking, fishing or swimming, the food will soon be on your mind!

There is nothing worse than a quick meal of meat and cheese sandwiches for every meal. Which types of camping cooking equipment you should take will depend on the type of camping you want to do.

Ultralight backpacking cookware

For the group of 'roughing it' not a lot of camp kitchen equipment will be needed. Often cast iron grate over the fire to place enough for the die-hard roughnecks. A Dutch oven is usually a great addition to the camp kitchen because it can be used to cook almost anything.

There are dozens of recipes available online for cooking with cast iron Dutch oven over an open fire. A smaller skillet may also be something to consider, and do not forget the coffee cans for them early in the morning!

For those with a family, camping options are endless. Cast iron cake maker is a favorite camping mother everywhere to make a hot sandwich. If staying at a campground, electricity is often available and takes the mini portable grill gives a lot of cooking options for dinner.

It also works well with the camp that does not allow open flame. Some of the other tools available for the camp cooking grill that sat on top of the fire, and a metal tripod to hang the kettle over an open fire.