The Different Car Brake Problems

As a cost-saving measure, you should learn to fix common vehicle brake problems yourself. The brake system is the most important safety feature in a car. Therefore, it is best to diagnose common stopping problems – don't wait for something to go wrong as it might be too late. If the brake light is on, it is a sign that the brake fluid level is low. This is dangerous because extreme friction causes wear on the brake pads.

Change the brake fluid to solve the problem. If this sound looks like grinding metal to metal, it's a sign the problem can't be fixed. In this case, you need to be careful, otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the drum or rotor. Replace the bearings to solve this problem. You can also have the brake specialists via that also offer online services to their customers.

5 Common Brake Problems Explained -- Sinking Pedal, Grinding & More

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Another common braking problem is excessive creaking or scratching during braking. This is a sign that the brake pads are worn. One of the causes of this problem could be insufficient brake fluid in the braking system. Another possible cause is foreign objects that may have entered the system. 

The next known common problem with brakes is locked brakes. This creates a sharp turn every time the brakes are applied and under certain conditions, the wheels lock and the car skids. This can be caused by problems with the wheel bearings, damaged disc calipers, damaged or loose brake pads, or dirt on the brake pads.