How Many Different Ways Can You Cook a Chicken?

We can cook chicken in different ways Such as boil, bake, braise and so on. Here I am going to write on some methods of cooking in my upcoming paragraphs.

1.Bake:  there are numerous recipes to bake a chicken; either whole chicken pieces/breasts or roasting. you can also bake attractive chicken pies. If you are not interested to cook by yourself and want to buy from outside, then you can also choose to buy delicious chicken online via

2. Blanche – You can put the chicken into the boiling water first, and then into cold water or ice, before roasting. That way you can lock in the juices. Also, the water used for boiling can be used as a chicken broth.

3. freeze – is arguably the freezing of cooking methods; cooking without heat. Work for ice cream, sherbet, and yogurt, but do not think you should try the chicken though.

4. fried – this is common in Asian recipes. There are many delicious recipes for the chicken fry. We use the "cauldron" or griddle for this for the best results.

The other is stir-fried. Again, the best results are produced using a wok. It is fast and shallow fry on high heat. Juices locked in, and chicken cooked in small pieces for quick cooking.

Best served hot. You can cook simple one-dish meals, such as fried Koay Teow, using this method.