3 Things You Should Do To Avoid A Blocked Sink

Sick and tired of digging for food scraps in your kitchen sink after dinner? Sink blockages can be silent killers to your pipes without you even noticing the debris build-up over time. The best way to avoid the inconvenience of a clogged drain is through prevention!

Follow these plumbing hacks from the expert plumbers of clogged drain services to avoid overflowing pipes and gurgling sounds for a smooth flowing pipeline, so the whole household can run the best way it possibly can.

1.  Strain to erase the blockage pain  

The easiest way to safeguard your pipes is by purchasing a drain clearer from your local hardware store. These stainless-steel drainers act as a funnel for your drain when you place it at the opening of your drain. All the small debris from your food waste will then fall into the strainer to prevent unnecessary debris buildup and minimize the risks of having a blocked drain.  

2.  Avoid grease to be at peace  

Do you often pour excess oil from cooking down the drain before proceeding to wash the pan? If you said yes, then you are causing more harm to your pipes than you may think since the cooking grease can lubricate your pipes and stick to the insides. Instead of pouring oil down the sink, funnel the oil in a container and when cool, dispose of it in your bin.

3.  Melt the debris away with water  

No matter how cautious you are, the small debris can slip through the cracks and affect your pipes. Decrease your chances significantly of a blocked drain by adding some baking soda or vinegar with boiling hot water carefully down the pipe. This will melt the grease or any other debris away for optimal pipe function and rid your sink of any odors too.