The Making of Lead crystal glass

The type of lead crystal glass is determined by a British specification for each type. Lead crystal glass contains lead oxide content of at least 24% and produced mainly for the beauty of its appearance. Full lead crystal glass contains higher amounts of lead oxide is usually not less than 30%.

The Making of Lead crystal glass

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This is necessary because the glass may cool too quickly and destroy the items are made. When removed from Lehr, each article undergoes inspection for any defects. The instrument utilizes polarized light is used to reveal imperfect annealing.


Cutting is one of the more critical processes and calls for a very high level of skill. Cutting is done by holding the crystal statues lead against the cutting edge of the spinning wheel. glass carefully guided to produce some beautiful and complex patterns are possible. The number of patterns is infinite and in combination creates some beautiful effects.


Polishing is done by placing the glass into a vat containing a mixture of hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid for about a minute. It is then rinsed and transformation of glass into pieces of sparkling crystals.

This is the process that virtually any piece of lead crystal glass passes through before it becomes a beautiful piece of art. Throughout the year has changed little in the process.