Eyebrow Threading Is an Effective Alternative for Temporary Hair Removal

An eyebrow trim is one of the most attractive, inexpensive, and effective ways to remove unwanted hair. Most people think this is done with thread and needle, but the ancient carving was done with thread alone.

Eyebrows are commonplace for highlighting, but this ingenious method can remove any hair. Facial hair and eyebrow trimming is becoming increasingly popular due to the precision of the procedure and the low cost compared to wax masks. You can look for expert makeup services that are proficient in eyebrow threading.

Eyebrow Threading: What to Know - What Is Eyebrow Threading?

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The origin of eyebrow threading

Eyebrow twisting is the initial method of epilation or removal of all hair, including the follicles below the skin's surface. In ancient Persia, threads signaled the beginning of femininity. Eyebrow trimming is still the most common hair removal method.

What is threading?

Cotton sewing thread is cut and tied at one end. The cycles created can be small or large; whatever is appropriate for the thread. The fingers of each hand, without the index finger, are placed in a circle.

The circle is twisted several times in the form of a fly. The thread-twisting area in the middle is placed over the unwanted brow hairs. In the opposite direction of hair growth, the twisted strands trap the hair in a line as the strands open and close.

Continuously place and draw lines that are opposite to the shape of hair growth and remove hair precisely. Eyebrow threading is fast because entire rows of hair can be removed at once in a straight line.

Is eyebrow threading suitable for everyone?

There are various methods for hair removal that does not suit to every person, some medics and beauty salon recommend eyebrow threading because it is calmer to the skin than other hair removal methods such as waxing.

After years of practice, the threaded should be able to accurately shape the eyebrows with the least pain and without damaging sensitive skin.