What Are GMOs and How To Avoid Them

What exactly is a GMO? A GMO is, by definition, is a genetically modified organism. For example, the genes of tomato can be changed so that the tomatoes remain red and bright longer. When placed next to the organic tomatoes, tomato genetic engineering will look healthy, but under the shiny exterior of transgenic tomato containing elements of the possibilities that can cause disease.

Although GMOs can exist in a large number of items you consume or use on a daily basis, this article is directly related to GMOs found in plants and animals. Make GMOs require scientific alteration of genetic plant or animal. This process helps to create what is meant to be more profitable products.

GMOs have been known to harm not only genetically modified animals but also humans eating genetically engineered animal or plant. Some people who have eaten GMO can develop allergic reactions to the GMO. Many people are suffering from dangerous health disease because of GMO food.


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A similar case occurred in the modified organism, in which animals have become sterile, illness, or, in the worst situations, died of gene-modified. Many states require companies to label their products containing GMOs.

After learning about GMOs and know what they are, people might begin to wonder if they consume GMO every day. Many brands of commercial food contain some sort of genetically engineered products. For many people, it is important to avoid GMOs altogether, because they have been shown to cause disease.