Are You Immigrating To Canada As A Skilled Worker?

The skilled worker program is most often applied while applying to Canada. It is set up so that people from outside Canada who have the skills acquired in their home countries can immigrate to Canada. However, there is a catch that you need to be qualified, educated, and experienced in one of the skills needs in Canada.

If you have experience and training in one of the mentioned required fields then you must still meet all other prospective that is involved in Immigration. For example, at the time of migration to Canada, you have to pass a language test in English or French so that you will be able to speak either of these languages well enough. You can also apply for the better-half work visa to Canada to live together after marriage.  

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Other qualities that are valued in the application process are:

  • Education
  • Professional experience
  • Age
  • Ability to adapt to life in Canada
  • Arranged employment

If you have an offer of arranged employment before you might be able to get the application approved even if you are not qualified for one of the professions that are in demand for immigrants. You will need a working paper to your prospective employer that says you have a job. 

The most common reason for an immigration application to be denied is incorrectly completed forms. Given the number of forms to be completed and the vagueness and repetitive to some of the questions which are really not surprising. 

In an effort to make the most effective forms to the Canadian immigration office in the habit of asking the same question in a variety of ways. This is confusing, to say the least.