Some Tidbits On Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is as distinct as the country itself. When we think of Indian food, image of colorful spices come into our minds. There are many restaurants that serve Indian style food in different countries. You can check over here about restaurants that provide Indian food in Richardson TX.

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When we talk about regional cuisines, they vary widely: depending on the variety of soil types and climates. These are not only influenced by natural factors but also with religion and culture. 

There are many influences that have shaped Indian cuisine, for example, there was a strong influence in Central Asia on North Indian cuisine. Potatoes were brought by the Portuguese, as well as breadfruit and peppers. In turn, Indian spices have influenced the cuisines of the world.

Regular food of Indians

Breakfast is the most important element for the Indians. They start the day with a cup of tea, followed parathas, roti, and a vegetable dish with pickles and some curd in North India. Milk and Dhokla are preferred in western India and dosa idle with coconut chutney in the south.

Lunch includes a main dish of rice with wheat Rotis in the north and west. Two or three kinds of vegetables are included in the lunch, there is a tradition of eating betel leaves after lunch. 

Dinner is considered the most important meal of the day in India. Roti can be used to pick up the curry, particularly in northern India. In south India, banana leaves are used to serve food.

Indian cuisine is still evolving, as it continues to be shaped by different cultural influences in today's interconnected world. Indian cuisine has been spread around the world thanks to the benevolent Indian immigration.