Insurance Agents E&O – What to Ask Them

There are so many health insurance companies and health insurance agents in the market that make it a bit difficult to choose a suitable policy. Do not just jump in and buy your insurance agent recommended policies. Do good research before selecting a reliable insurance company like csrisks, so that you get the best policies for you.

Here are some questions which you can ask your insurance agent e&o before choosing the right policy for you:

1. What kind of insurance policy I really need? Do I need a regular compensation policy (fee for service) or I have to go in for a policy of managed care (HMO / PPO)?

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2. For health insurance plans, should I see Medigap, home care or hospital care plan?

3. What is the maximum premium amount I can pay per month? Tell me a health insurance policy that is in my budget.

4. I am comfortable with a particular hospital and would like them to treat me in my cases requiring hospitalization. Make sure that your health plan should be applicable to that hospital as well. (Pose this condition if you prefer a particular hospital).

5. I want to go with a plan that offers me free up screening services such as laboratory tests diagnostic, preventive health check-ups, etc. So, what is a free service offered in the plan that falls within my budget?

6. I have an existing medical condition. Will my new plan be covering these conditions?

7. Does the plan cover prescription drugs and is there a limit for such coverage?

8. Do you make me buy a plan that is being sold by a well-known health insurance company that has been rated as good by a financial institution or an approved rating agency?

These are some of the questions you should definitely ask your insurance agent before hiring them.