Various Depuy Knee Replacement Risks

Depuy knee replacement surgery is performed to replace the damaged knee joint with an artificial implant. This is one of the most sought after treatments for severe arthritis and knee injuries. Depuy knee replacement surgery helps to relieve pain during walking and perform other movements without interfering with a person's normal activities.

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While DePuy knee replacement is a comfortable choice for treating a painful knee joint, it is important for someone to undergo several tests before the actual operation is performed. Your doctor will check your blood sample and skin for any possible infections that may occur after surgery. They will also ensure that patients have adequate support from family and friends for their full support in the recovery period.

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The procedure for DePuy knee replacement surgery begins with the dose of anesthesia given to the patient in the target area. The surgeon will then make an 8-10 inch incision on the surface of the knee. This will be followed by the removal of the damaged joint. After this, the surgeon will reshape the ends of the bones in the joints concerned.

The purpose of reshaping is to create a surface that can be used to place the implant with precision. After reshaping, the surgeon will test the new surface of the joint with the dummy joint and examine it. If all goes well, the actual prosthesis will be placed between the surfaces of the newly created bone.