Cloning Of Marijuana Using Clone Machines

The popular method of cannabis cloning is to use the Aeropon cloning machine. An aeroponic branching machine is a cloning chamber that has a closed tank and sprays the stem cuttings directly with a clone solution.

Although each cloning machine is a little different, most rely on neoprene or a piece of plastic to hold the pieces together and "seal" the machine so that there is no water spray on it.

Clone machines are available in various sizes and shapes and are powered by submersible water pumps or outside air pumps. To get marijuana clones you can also opt for Sacramento clones for sale nearby.

Although these machines differ in appearance, they are all based on the same concept: maximizing oxygen in the root zone. One of the main reasons why this machine works so well is the perfect moisture-air ratio that surrounds the cutting calf.

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Temperature can still affect the success of the clone machine. Clone engines are great for cooler places, but in warmer conditions, a submersible pump can heat water from the desired area.

A quick fix solution is to connect the cyclic timer to the pump and let the pump rest for a few minutes and a few minutes. During the timer, the water cools during the deactivation cycle and stores less heat than a pump that works continuously.

Many cloning machines work well with pure water, but cannabis producers who want to speed up the rooting process usually add hormones or solutions to the tank of the cloning machine.