Extend Your Boundaries With a Crane Truck!

A tow truck is a vehicle equipped with an engine for lifting; lowering or moving the material is loaded horizontally or vertically. Machine simple yet highly functional that it can perform well beyond normal human capability. You can get to know more about Grove All Terrain Cranes via searching online.

These vehicles are very practical for use in various industries. In the transportation industry, they are used for loading and unloading cargo. In the construction industry, a truck used to lift, lower, or move the building materials.

There are several types of crane-type vehicles currently on the commercial market: truck-mounted, knuckle boom, rough terrain, and all-terrain.

Rough Terrain Cranes

Another type of vehicle is a rugged terrain self-propelled boom mounted on a truck and is designed for off-road and / or rugged applications. They are used to lift and carry materials for construction projects, building bridges and even the use of some chemical plants.

Generally, rough terrain models have a single machine that operates both the boom and undercarriage. Unlike crawler, the engine is usually mounted under the car rather than on top.

All-Terrain Cranes

This type of vehicle is considered as a luxury type of hydraulic mobile version in the industry and has multi-functional travel on all types of terrain and move over the streets and highways. It is well supported by one or two engines feature all-wheel-drive. Crane component consists of a hydraulic crane machine and some parts of the extended telescopic boom.

The ability of these vehicles to move along the highway at a reasonable speed even with heavy frames and its ability to maintain comfort in off-road through the sophisticated suspension systems to create a model that is truly unique in the industry.