Know About Paracord Survival Bracelet

This article will help create a standard Cobra type paracord survival bracelet. You can make a survival bracelet with one color, two tones or what is called the "elite" style. There are many guides and videos online for making this bracelet.

In choosing to make a bracelet, you must decide how you want the bracelet to be connected, or closed. There are many methods with pros and cons for each. If you are looking to buy paracord bracelet buckle then you can visit

Closing Style:

Side-release buckles: These are the most commercially available closures found on paracord survival bracelets that you find at most sporting goods stores. They are generally hard plastic that is quite reliable.

Knots: This is the method I like best for making bracelets. There is no hardware to buy. The key to this style is making good diamonds know to repeat the loop. This knot can be loosened or tightened if you make a mistake in the measurement.

Knots and buttons: I have made a number of these and they look really fun. I attach a BDU green OD style button to my bracelet. The law enforcement agency where I work has a uniform color of green and gold. I inserted a gold thread to sew the green button on my thin blue elite line paracord bracelet.

Shackle: This is additional hardware that must be purchased, usually online to get a small size.

At this point, you should have an amazing looking bracelet that not only looks fashionable but can also help you in an emergency by using a paracord. The benefits of this particular model are showing your support to law enforcement officers and the difficult work they do every day.