Wedding Limo Hire – Simple Strategies to Save Your Money

Planning your wedding day is an exciting experience. But did you know that a 2014 survey revealed that the average London wedding costs around $70,000. Even this figure is almost double the amount of average London wedding which comes in at $ 36,200.

In reducing the overall bill of your wedding many strategies can be used to lower costs without skimping on quality.  In this article, you can get the best details about stretch limos & luxury cars.

Wedding Limo Hire - Simple Strategies to Save Your Money

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1. Plan Ahead

When most people think of wedding limousines they think of the typical white stretch limousines. This is a great addition to a white wedding following the traditional colors of white wedding dress and overall theme.

2. Have each Special Deal

Limo companies often have discounts and special offers that run to increase their bookings. The deal could be at various times of the year or other random events when they have special offers.

3. Combine your reservation for Saving More

Even if your limo company stated they did not have any current specials, if you have a large order they are sure to negotiate with you to secure your reservation. 

4. Requests One Pickup Point

Having a limousine around and some of the passengers of the pickup throughout London is an easy way to blow you the cost of hiring a limo. Instead, regulate all passenger limo to meet at a central location and driver to meet you at one location for pickup.

5. The book "Right" Time

Your limo bill will become a product of location, distance traveled and time spent. However, what most people do not know is that going over your agreed time results in heavy penalty rates. This can really blow out your overall wedding limo costs.