Green Tea As A Preventer Of Stomach Cancer

Today most of us have heard that green tea has been proved to be a worthwhile anti-cancer device. There are many surveys that have proclaimed that antioxidants green tea have an essential power in the protection of health and disease prevention.

Much of the researches have been held on green tea in a laboratory so as to prove it after doing trials on the human body. You can also learn various aspects of medications via so as to prevent other side effects.

Green tea: Health benefits, side effects, and research

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This study also showed a decrease in the major risk of stomach cancer in those who were regular green tea drinkers. The reduced risk was still significant in participants who would normally have a higher average risk of developing the disease.

Therefore, the study concluded that green tea may have the ability to reduce other risk factors for cancer. In particular, green tea has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of alcohol drinkers.

Today, stomach cancer is much less common in the US as it once was. Doctors believe that this reduction is mainly caused by two things. The first is the more regular use of anti-biotic infections in children treated. 

Particular bacteria known as H. pylori that is an important factor for stomach cancer and anti-biotics can often kill the bacteria in our bodies while we are still children before it can cause problems later.

The second reason doctors believe that we have seen a decrease in stomach cancer is chilling. In past years, the only way to keep it safe meat for long periods of time is to curing salt or smoking. 

It is believed that nitrates in meat preserved in this way contribute to the development of stomach cancer. Therefore, reducing the amount of salt-cured and smoked meats in our diet can reduce the risk of stomach cancer.