A Review of Rapid E-Learning Development

Most Elearning software in the market today are crafted and designed software to benefit online and distance learners. These professionally produced e-learning tools were created by subject experts, software engineers, programmers, and graphic artists.

Off the shelf software like these are hard to customize and if customization is possible, it may require more than the average persons' technological know-how. You can visit https://instructionaldesigncompany.com/services/ to know about the best rapid e-learning development courses.

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Rapid E-learning is the answer to the easy production of technology-enhanced learning. There is provided a tool that is user-friendly and simple enough to use, but still enough to create effective learning software. There are three types of rapid e-learning authoring tools. This is a Freeform, shape and Screencasting.

* Free Form is the most common tool; it is associated with PowerPoint (PPT), the most popular tool used by teachers and students to create their own presentations. It is used in e-learning with the use of animation with recorded narration to create a more dynamic tool for learning.

* Form authoring tool can be adjusted from the shelf software. Using a blank template, and shapes that the author fills with the content they need. Content can be anything from text, video, photos or music.

* Screen casting often found in instructional videos to computer software and applications. It's like a screenshot but the broadcast screen; the author will continue to record what is happening on the screen when communicating.