Why Installing Residential Solar Panels in New Jersey Is Important

With the cost of energy continues to rise and far-reaching effects of fossil fuels on the planet, many people are looking for alternative energy sources. 

One of the best sources of the current proved and cleanest energy is solar energy. Increasingly popular residential solar panels allow homeowners to help save the planet while reducing their monthly energy bill. If you want to hire contractors for top residential solar installation, visit http://advancedsolarnj.com/residential-solar-panels/

solar panels

The climate for the solar panel installation in New Jersey is perfect. It has over 300 days of sunshine a year, so solar panels are highly effective. In addition, there are currently tax credits and incentives offered by major power companies that reduce the actual cost of installing the solar panels significantly.

Residential solar panels are using photovoltaic cells. These panels use silicon to capture the energy in sunlight. Sunlight is made up of many small photons. 

The crystal silicon in the panels breaks up the electrons in the photons to produce direct current electricity. This DC electricity is fed into an inverter which translates it into the alternating current, or AC, electricity.

The AC electricity powers your home and then excess electricity is directed through the meter to help power the other homes in your neighbourhood. This turns your meter back, reducing your power bills.

If you are interested in installing solar panels in New Jersey, solar energy company offers integrated green building systems that specialize in solar energy and energy efficiency solutions. Getting quotes is the next step towards clean, green power sources. 

With green energy for homes and businesses, infrastructure will pay for itself in ten to fifteen years or less. energy costs will spiral downward and the state will be cleaner and healthier places in which children can grow future.