Some Technology Can Help Your Meditation Practice at Home

Technology often gets a bad reputation where little mental and physical well-being is concerned. What to squint at the screen of our phone, watching TV, hunching over the laptop and exposed to unnatural lighting in the room all day, no wonder we tend to think of technology have a negative impact on our physical and mental health. You can discover more details about best free meditation apps through

Some Technology Can Help Your Meditation Practice at Home

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1) The practice of "Stop, Breathe, Think" with Amazon Alexa

Smart home assistant voice-controlled Amazon called Alexa. There are many different devices that are available now that Amazon has launched featuring Alexa. Alexa has thousands of different useful skills that can be activated only by voice commands.

2) Streaming yoga class at home with Yogaia

Armed with only a laptop or tablet and some decent Wi-Fi, you can now stream live yoga classes from home. The benefits of this service are available for a monthly is that you get the best of both worlds.

3) Achieving the right atmosphere with intelligent lighting

The problem with the traditional lighting in the room is always how hard it is. Incandescent light body fools us into thinking it's time to be alert and active. Great when you are trying to concentrate on work, not so good if you are trying to relax!

5) Invest in an essential oil diffuser

Yoga and meditation are all about breathing, so why not make the air you breathe also help to improve your mental and physical well-being? Essential oils are known to trigger receptors of your brain responsible for emotional control, and one of the most effective ways to use them is in an electronic diffuser.