Discover Which Pool Cover is Right For You

Your swimming pool cover does two things. It protects your swimming pool during the offseason from leaves and other stuff that can get into and damage the pool. And it saves the work needed to maintain the pool.

You have several options for automatic swimming pool covers system. In this article, I would like to address each type of pool cover and let you choose which one is right for you.

The first type is a solar pool cover. This will keep your pool water warm for a long time. It has a small cell in the structure of the pool cover that makes it look like bubble wrap. This bubble store and transfer heat to the water.

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A solar swimming pool cover can also stop your pool water from vaporizing and it will preserve the pool chemicals. This will save time to fill the pool and spend a lot of money on chlorine.

Another kind is a winter pool cover. This is a heavy-duty cover and much more durable than the solar cover.

They have UV protection and will stop algae build up under the cover during the cold months. Winter pool blankets can last up to fifteen years.

The other type is a safety cover. It is kind of expensive but assures complete protection against something from getting into the pool when in use. So, with so many choices available, choose the cover wisely.