Roof Renovation 3 Tips To Renovate Your Roof

If you are renovating your home, you have already faced the question, i.e., renovate your roof or not. In a broader analysis, always do preventive maintenance or choose to completely renovate your roof. This process will prevent you from running the risk of leaks and infiltrations, which can damage the internal finish in your home.

Follow this article and learn the 3 tips to remodel your roof without fear.

  1. Hire a Specialized Team

Like any home renovation service, it is essential that you hire a specialized team to renovate your roof.

Check immediately if your roof contractor has:

  1. Registration of all employees.
  2. Certifications and permissions to carry out the roof renovation work.
  3. Specialized equipment to carry out work at height.

Therefore, always be attentive and hire a specialized team for roof renovation.

  1. Change the Tiles

If the existing tiles on your roof are severely damaged, then you should replace them with new ones. If you had one type of tiles on the roof and you want to install a different type now, then you should first consult your roofer regarding the same.

  1. Change the Gutters

A very common mistake in roof renovation is just changing the tiles or just the roof timber without checking the condition of the gutters and flashings. The gutters and flashings are essential for optimal functioning of the roof.

The gutters must be well dimensioned, allowing all the water captured by the roof to be directed to rainwater networks or (the most suitable) to a rainwater harvesting network.

The flashings must be well dimensioned, avoiding infiltrations between the masonry and the tiles installed on the roof.

Rest you can get in touch with your roofing contractor to find out more what needs to be done to renovate the roof of your house in the most suitable way.