How to Find a Scrabble Cheat

In word games such as Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Word Whomp, it is particularly easy to spot a cheater. In this article, we will learn how to easily identify a Scrabble cheater by outlining several of the most popular preferred methods of cheating. For further information about scrabble word cheat, you can navigate to this website.

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It is obviously more difficult to catch a cheater when you are playing online because they could easily be using a dictionary or a website to assist them, but it isn't impossible to be sure somebody is cheating. 

There are many things opponents can do in Scrabble that often go unnoticed. When playing against a person in real life, it is common for people to try and sneak a glance at the tiles in the bag. 

An easy way to prevent this is to require the bag to be above eye level before drawing tiles. When people are drawing tiles out of the bag when the bag is on their lap, it is possible they are cheating.

When playing with engraved Scrabble tiles, it is possible to tell which letter is on the tiles by feeling them. If you notice somebody feeling around in the bag for an unusual amount of time, chances are this is what they are trying to do. 

The most common method of cheating in the game of Scrabble is by using tools that allow any number of letters to be translated into words. These tools can be found online as many websites exist that serve this exact purpose. A lot of these tools also include blank tiles to be inserted among the letters.