What Is A Security Assessment?

Security assessments are a process used to identify and assess the risks associated with a physical site. They can be performed by a variety of professionals, including security consultants, risk management specialists, and law enforcement officials.

During a security assessment, the consultant will assess the current security situation and make recommendations for improving security. This might include installing new locks, upgrading security systems, or installing fencing. The assessment will also recommend measures to prevent or mitigate any threats that have been identified.


Security assessments can also help prevent espionage by discovering any vulnerabilities that may be causing serious harm to your business.If you have been contacted by a security consultant, you should ask them several questions: 

1. How long have you been in business?

2. What is your background and experience?

3. What products have you used on other customers’ sites?

4. Why do you think this will help me and my clients?

5. What methods did you use to achieve the results that you are presenting to me?

6. Do I have a copy of the report that you produced for my site so I can see what was done and why it worked or failed?

7. How much will this cost me?

The goal of a security assessment is to protect the safety of employees and customers at the physical site. By identifying and addressing any potential threats, you can prevent serious accidents from happening. For example, a security assessment may reveal that the fence surrounding your property has gaps in it or is in disrepair. This is a potential safety hazard for your customers, who could be able to see into an adjacent business and potentially harass them.