SEO Expert – A Short Guide To Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO is the technology that's used to increase the page ranking of a certain website or web page in an internet search engine. 

This makes the page more visible in an internet search engine and attracts more viewers to the webpage. Many techniques are used for this function. You can get more information about the seo expert in Houston via

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What are the different types of SEO?

1) White hat search engine optimization:

Within this type of strategy, a person who is doing the search engine optimization utilizes the correct and legal procedures that are defined for this tech. This is done by following exactly the procedural manner proposed by developers and engineers.

2 ) Dark hat search engine optimization:

Within this sort of strategy, a person employs prohibited, short and wrong ways to increase the page rank and make it comfortable with the research engine optimization. This is done by making changes in the search engine and other illegal methods that are not advocated.

Below are some of the significant responsibilities of an SEO expert.

-Verifying and setting the webpage as optimal size to index.

-Analyzing the keyword density on that page with a specific or set of keywords.

-Including the right Meta tags for every page.