How To Create A smart mirror?

Smart Mirror takes an item of daily life and turns it into a powerful assistant, a highly functional work of IoT development. It utilizes a special one-way mirror that shows the information on a display hidden under its surface, and it can be connected with any platform or service.

• The Mirror is connected with the AWS IoT platform as an IoT Thing. The interaction between them is carried out through the Device Shadow service, i.e. any device data is stored on a Device's Shadow as a reported state. IoT Core in the AWS console is used to manage devices, security certificates, policies, etc. You can also get more benefits from Alexa smart mirror online.

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• Voice control is enabled with a speaker, a microphone, and a built-in app powered by the Alexa voice assistant. In turn, Alexa has a set of Skills for the management of Smart Mirror components, such as widget data and settings. Some Skills also work with AWS IoT Device Shadows.

• Our Smart Mirror is capable of face identification. Using the OpenCV library, the Mirror takes a photo, crops detected faces and sends an identification request to our internal facial recognition service called Big Brother. 

• The built-in module with sensors is integrated with GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) Extension Board using I²C bus. These sensors detect temperature/humidity (DH11), pressure (BMP280), and motion, which is used for the sleep mode. The collected information is displayed on the Indoor Widget.

• Smart Mirror is open to seamless integration with any systems and services—from the simplest weather APIs to complex enterprise ERP solutions—and display virtually any kind of information.