Screwdrivers: An Indispensable Instrument For Your Toolbox

When talking about most of the toolbox, the first instrument that strikes in mind is a screwdriver. It is one of the tools most commonly used both for domestic and professional.

One can find a variety of Wiha adjustable tools in the market that are designed to match a variety of screws. From simple to complex, we can easily repair a laptop, mobile or tablet with a respective screwdriver set.

wiha screwdrivers

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Apart from these wooden handles screwdriver traditional pear-shaped, many specialized screwdrivers have been developed in recent years that are used in specific industries with specialized purposes.

There is a huge world of screw and screwdriver at the moment, because of the rapid emergence of technology and electronics. There are many types of screwdrivers available today such as Trox three points, Triangle, Pentalobe, Polydrive, Spanner, double hexagon and many more.

Triangle screwdriver is a type of tool that is used to unscrew a screw which is designed in three wings slit and a small triangular hole in the center. The design of the screw is adapted from parts of the aerospace industry.

Another commonly used and essential tool is the Torx driver that comes with a pattern shape of a star to six points. T8, one of the Torx bits comes in a tool Torx 8-en-1 of the assembly.

The unique design of Torx makes it very advantageous compared to other drivers. Because of its design, the items are less likely to be damaged by the force applied by the screwdriver.