List of Best Food Activity to Experience While Touring Japan


When it comes to experiencing unique and different foods, Japan is one of those rare countries. Moreover, what makes Japanese food different to others is due to the involvement of chopping skills and cooking techniques that are on the complicated side. While touring Japan, you should be experiencing some of these food activities even though vegans will find it hard. But there’s no harm in at least trying a few Japanese delicacies.

  1. Vending Machine Version of Ramen – Originally, ramen comes from Japan however, when it comes to being delicious, Japanese version is the one you should try. You are bound to find this delicacy in every café and restaurant where locals love to have this on a daily basis. However, when it comes to fun food activity, try eating this dish from a vending machine. It is cheap, made to order and absolutely delicious.
  2. Enjoy Okonomiyaki – Another popular dish to try in Japan is Okonomiyaki. This dish is similar to the western version of pancakes which is made of flour, eggs and stuffed cabbage. Okonomiyaki is found in every corner of Japan and is an affordable and delicious dish you should eat.
  3. Make your Own Takoyaki – Make sure you visit Osaka to enjoy this delicious food. Not only is it cheap, but this dish is found in every corner Osaka and easy to cook. Make your version by needing stuffed batter comprising of octopus. Just deep fry the batter containing octopus for a few minutes and you’re good to go.

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