Multiple Benefits Of Garden Rooms

Once we just had wooden sheds or summerhouses, there is now an increasing trend to have garden rooms. These tend to be larger structures than a traditional summerhouse, and are designed for more specific uses such as office space. A good garden room (also known as  tuinkamer in the Dutch language) will be of a substantial size.

It will often come with a space for storing tools and garden equipment separate from the main room area. They are now widely used for office space with the advent of more and more people working from home. 

Unlike the traditional summerhouse, they now come equipped with the power to provide lighting, heating, and power sockets to enable computers and other office equipment to be plugged in.

The other advantage of this is that for many self-employed people is that they can then offset the cost of the garden room against tax as it is classed as a home office. However, just note that you will not be able to offset the cost of it against your tax if it is directly linked to your home. 

Garden rooms can now be bought with insulation pre-fitted or you can have it retrofitted making them suitable for use all year round.