What is the cost to have an Extraction of Wisdom Teeth?

While being regarded as equally crucial as any other teeth Third molars are also known as wisdom teeth, are more prone to problems during eruptions. This could be because they are among the ones that develop, so there isn't much space within the mouth to accommodate the wisdom teeth to grow. 

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Due to this, they can lead to complications or uncommon conditions that require the need for tooth removal. The dentist will tell you the need for extraction, based on the situation and the cause of your eruption. 

The majority of the time it is necessary to extract the tooth if it's impacted or creating a lot of discomforts. As dental treatment is often equated with the cost of a large expense and you may be wondering how much wisdom tooth removal nowadays.

The price for wisdom teeth removal depends on many variables, such as the kind of dental insurance that you have, your expertise, location and experience of your dentist, and importantly, the complexity and extent of the procedure that is needed in your situation. 

Here's an estimation of the cost of extracting your third molar and classifying it according to the type of non-surgical or surgical procedure that is required. In the case of soft tissue impaction, the cost would be between $225.00-$400. 

In this situation, the wisdom tooth only partially erupted, and some of the gums cover a portion of the teeth. The procedure will require an incision through the gum tissue to remove the tooth, and replace it and stitch it back into place.