LCD Rentals And Purchases – How To Select The Best Monitor For Your Needs

If your business hosts any meetings or training sessions, you may have considered both LCD rentals.

This brief guide will discuss the main specifications you need to be aware of before choosing a model for your monitor rental or purchase. You can find the nearest monitor rental by searching monitor rental near me via

Should You Worry About Response Time When Renting a Monitor?

Response time is one of the most discussed specifications for LCD monitors, but it is difficult to measure the accuracy of the manufacturer's claim. Response time is the minimum time required to change the color of the pixel brightness. 

If you need an LCD rental for a training session, the response time may be more of a factor since poor image quality can impede students' understanding.

If you are renting large LCD panels for trade shows, the response time may not matter much because people do not see it as intense as in the training sessions.

LCD Displays and Native Resolution

When it comes to renting an LCD screen, you need to consider how you plan to use it. You will need a higher resolution for displays with lots of video. The size of the space you plan to use will also affect your choice. Your LCD rentals agent can help you determine the proper resolution.

Contrast Ratio and Brightness

The picture quality can be greatly affected by these two measurements. Brightness, or luminance, measured in cd / m2. Ideally, the measurement of 400-500 will ensure you get optimum brightness. 

Your decision on these specs will depend on the environment in which you use your LCD panel. Again, your LCD rentals agent can advise.