The Different Types of Bathroom Sinks

When choosing a sink for the bathroom in your life, whether it is residential, commercial, or even industrial, it is important to understand your options for different types. This can help you make a more informed decision on the type to buy for your specific needs.

The three commonly used sinks are Pedestal, Drop-In, and wall mounted. You can purchase good quality bathroom sinks online via kralsu.

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These are the ones that have the sink and stand together and stand out against the bathroom wall. This type of sink often has very few counters and is often used for guest bathrooms or other bathrooms that are rarely used and do not require a larger table. Depending on the complexity of the sink, it can be very expensive.


Drop-In sink is one of the many types of sinks that do not stand alone. This sink is literally "plugged" into the cut hole on the table. As they have a sink, number of counters available etc. Another benefit of sinks is that they are usually a lot cheaper than other types because they don't have to come with a countertop attached.

Wall mounted

These wall-mounted sinks are typically found in commercial or industrial settings, in staff bathrooms and larger shared bathrooms. The wall sink is literally fixed directly to the wall because the pipe extends from below and also goes into the wall without the lower support. They usually lack counter space, making them less popular for residential bathrooms than commercial rooms.