Things You Should Know Before Buying A Gas Mask

Gas masks have been an unfortunate necessity since World War I, and they gained immense popularity and acceptance during World War II. Gas masks are usually worn on the face and comprise an exhalation valve, filters, and clear viewing area. 

These gas masks are made of specialized materials and are designed to protect the wearers from harmful contaminants in the air. You can browse to buy the highest quality gas masks.

There are certain criteria you need to look for when buying a gas mask. First, make sure the mask and filter is rated for chemical blowing and riot control agents, designated by the CBA/RCA rating, and nuclear, biological and chemical agents, carrying the NBC rating.

Some gas masks on the market are nothing more than glorified surgical masks. While this may be sufficient for most biological threats, it’s also important that any mask and accompanying filter you purchase is certified to protect against nuclear and chemical threats as well. Be sure to discuss this with any supplier before ordering. Third party testing is preferred.

You must prefer a mask with filter connections on both sides versus just one side or just in the front. This not only offers more flexibility, but also allows the user to positively attach a replacement filter on the opposite port.