Types Of Student Visa To Switzerland For Students

Every student has the right to a quality education in a learning environment. Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world for students to pursue higher education. In addition to the stunning beauty of Switzerland's towns and villages, the country is consistently recognized as the most innovative country in the world. 

Switzerland is one of the most diverse countries in Europe and is always student friendly. The visa process is simple and the visa process is generally similar to most European countries, with a few minor changes which we will highlight in this article. You can easily buy national identification cards of switzerland through various online resources.

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Types of Student Visa to Switzerland for  Students

The type of student visa to study in Switzerland depends on the length of study and the place of origin of the student, e.g. student's place of birth. 

C visa or short stay visa or Schengen visa: A short stay visa is required for short term courses. As a rule, students who wish to attend summer schools, short-term language courses and conferences receive this visa for a short stay at a Swiss educational institution.

D Visa or long term visa or national visa: Long term courses require a long term visa, eg. The duration of the course is more than three months. This type of visa is usually issued to students who wish to pursue a bachelor's, master's, doctoral, etc.