Why Should You Invest In Crime Scene Measurements Tools

Surveying a crime scene is a tedious task that needs to be documented quickly, yet with a high level of accuracy. Crime scene investigators are expected to create a permanent visual record of the scene and document evidence with as much precision and reliability as possible.

Conventional methods, such as rolling measuring devices or steel tape measures tend to be intrusive with the actual scene. Investing in 3D scanners is expensive and time-consuming dealing with a million points back in the office. Traditional total stations are bulky, expensive and difficult to operate, especially if you don't map a crime scene all that often.

With all of the different crime scene measurement toolsyou should choose the software or tool i.e.superior above the rest and will allow you to have confidence that collected points are accurate and relevant.

crime scene measurement tools

The Crime Scene Mapping System makes documenting a crime scene simple. This is the crime scene mapping field-to-courtroom solution you have been waiting for!

Finally, a solution exists that solves all the problems presented with traditional measurement equipment and close-proximity mapping. 

The cutting-edge technology of the tool should be unmatched and gives investigators the step up needed to get the job done quickly and easily. Add the best products to your investigation tool kit to achieve indoor 3D crime scene measurements with accuracy, efficiency and comfort. The workarounds you do now in order to get all the measurements you need in tight spaces have come to an end.

By implementing reflectorless technology into your workflow, crime scenes can now be mapped and documented with precision and efficiency, all while keeping critical evidence undisturbed. A single investigator can easily collect 3D coordinates from a safe distance, ensuring reduced contamination and secure evidence.

An investment in crime scene investigation equipment provides what you have been missing since incident mapping went digital:

  • Fit into the places you never could before and achieve millimeter accuracy

  • Pinpoint what you are measuring with integrated red-dot targeting and camera aiming

  • Experience cable-free data transfer (no syncing, no special software for your PC)

  • Eliminate time spent trying to match camera images up with measurements

  • Diagram map data in your preferred CAD program

Stop limiting yourself to products that are expensive and difficult to use. With our laser system, investigators can measure anything, from anywhere with extreme accuracy, ensuring a fair and accurate representation of the crime scene at hand.