Smile – Happiness Just Under Your Nose

A smile can heal a thousand wounds… even if it is fake, just make it! Life makes us go through a situation where it is really hard to show those beautiful teeth or just even a curve, but still, if we manage to smile surprisingly we find that beautiful curve line on the lips of the other one too. If you want to get more information about the teeth whitening, then search the browser.

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Live life charge

When a child hits the earth, the moment he starts counting the day of his demise. Life is very short, so every moment we should learn how to take pleasure in living and how to live not just by counting the years but also by counting the best moments.

Smile…and live largely 

Smile and you will garner the attention even more than the prettiest woman standing beside you with a grumpy face. A smile makes us look beautiful and attractive.

Even on a very awful day of yours, a lovely smile of a child passing you can change your mood and will make you smile too.Smile in a most difficult situation and you will find the most annoying person standing beside is exchanging his with yours.

If you are tired and stressed out after your heavy work schedule and want to look beautiful, no need for makeup or cosmetics… just smile! And you will look better and comfortable than every single one around.