Hire The Best Car Rental Services In Thailand To Travel

Renting a car is the best option to explore new places. If you are not aware of how to choose the best car rental company then it can bring a lot of problems in traveling time.

Important Things Need To Know –

  • First of all, you need to analyze what type of car is suitable for you. If you want to enjoy with your family, then you obviously need a bigger car.
  • If you want to save money then you can rent a small size of a car on low car rental prices.  Always rent a car which provides security services such as GPS system and Wi-Fi facilities.
  • Most car rental companies also guide you how to operate a car. It became very helpful if you are not aware about car functions.

If you want to rent the best car in Thailand then you can browse the website https://www.mastacars.com/.

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  • Before deciding to travel arrange all the transportation services where you want to go. Sometimes it’s not possible to rent a car according to your needs, but if you explore on the internet regarding car rental services then you can definitely find the best car. It does not only save your money but also you the convenience to travel.

There are many online car rental websites that provide you the best services including offers and discounts. To get the best rental car at a discount, compare and book a rental car before reaching time.

Bogota – The Astounding Capital Of Colombia

If you want to spend your vacation in the cultural center then you need to visit the beautiful capital of Colombia.

City Overview:
Bogota is an important cultural center in South America and is the largest city in Colombia. It is a beautiful blend of historic churches and contemporary skyscrapers. The city offers both busy, busy city life and peace and tranquility.

Places to Visit:

  • La Candelaria is a favorite tourist spot because it is lined with many churches in the colonial era and museums. When you are here, don’t forget to see the amazing Church of Santa Clara located around Plaza de Bolivar.
  • Simon Bolivar is a tourist park that is flooded and definitely needs to be explored. You can enjoy kites flying here or just take a walk around the park to enjoy the view.
  • Botanic Gardens also need to be visited. The beautiful lush gardens of the Botanical Gardens are great for enjoying nature. You only need to pay $ 1.00 to enter the place. This place offers cheap but high quality dining choices.
  • If you want to get a spectacular view of the city, visit Monserrate, a hilltop in Bogota. It also has a church that needs to be seen. Cable car facilities are available but adventurous souls can always use the footpath to get there.

Things to do:

  • You need an excursion to the Gold Museum to catch a glimpse of many gold artifacts.
  • For art enthusiasts, a trip to the Botero Museum is a must to appreciate works of art by artists such as Picasso, Matisse and Renoir etc.
  • Make sure to tour some of Bogota’s famous libraries; for example, Virgilio Barco, El Tintal and El Tunal.
  • To enjoy city tours in the true sense, make sure you try a horse-drawn cart.
  • At the end of a tiring trip, stop by one of the various spa centers.

Shopping and Sport:
To buy some antiques, visit La Candelaria. City Center is filled with clothing shops, jewelry stores, bookstores and music stores. Unicentro is also a popular shopping center for tourists and locals. Sports crazy souls can always visit the second largest indoor sports arena in the world; Coliseo Cubierto El Campin. The city offers other outdoor activities such as golf and horse riding, etc.

Nightlife in Bogota:
Bogota offers a thrilling nightlife. There are many night clubs, bars and pubs. Among them, some of the popular ones are: Disco Bar Salome Pagana, Venus Bar and Hard Rock Cafe Bogota.

Famous Festival:
The most popular event held in Bogota is the Ibero-American Theater Fest (once in 2 years in March or April). Carnival in Bogota (6 August) is a tourist attraction and a favorite of the locals because it includes masks, parades and dances. Rock al Parque and the Summer Festival are also two of Bogota’s most famous events.