Need To Get A Small Run Of Clothes Of Your Own Design Manufactured?

There are two types of orders that garment manufacturers can process: wholesale and retail. The organization in a garment factory is very different.

If a clothing manufacturer places a bulk order and orders in bulk from a medium to a large customer, the wholesale price will be below. Gross profit per unit produced is quite small, but it is offset by the large volume produced. Big order usually means more than 5000 pieces. You can also Get in touch, with various clothing manufacturers in the UK.

Another possible situation for a clothing manufacturer is accepting orders from smaller customers. The unit price is different (higher) because the participating organizations are different. When ordering clothes in small quantities, say less than 5,000 pieces, organizing a production line is pointless.

That is why small orders are processed by special departments in clothing companies. This department usually consists of many skilled managers and channels, who bear all the costs necessary for the mass production of clothing, but these costs are distributed in small quantities, therefore unit prices.

If you're looking to come up with a short run of your own designs, it's best to talk to one of Ellen Clothing Manufacturers' consultants. Your contact person will help you find out the best order quantity for your company.

The ideal amount for your business is not necessarily the minimum amount. The correct amount can also be less than you think. It all depends on a number of factors: the style of the garment and the target wholesale price. When discussing your short-term sizing, other technical issues such as shipping, molding, painting, or stone washing should also be considered, as flat rates may apply.