Dubai – The Perfect Blend Of A Heady Tourism Concoction

Dubai has been ruling the roost, with its popularity as a tourist destination growing with each passing day. People have been coming to this oasis in the desert by the hordes and their visits are duly rewarded.

With each visitor spending an average of 3.5 days in Dubai, it is no surprise that the hotel industry reported record occupancy rates that were a shade shy of the 75% mark. If you want to get more information about evening safari in Dubai, then you can navigate to

Dubai tour packages that promise and deliver an experience that can seldom be found elsewhere on the planet have played their part in this tourism bonanza. Visitors who come down here are spoilt for choice as they find themselves in a dazzling wonder-world.

One can explore the city with bus tours or go frolicking in the desert sands with multiple safari options. 4*4's, dune buggies, quad bikes, camel-back rides galore, the desert safaris rank high up on the popularity meter.

The pearl of the Middle-East as Dubai is often referred to happen to be a place where creations of the divine, as well as humankind, co-exist in complete harmony. Natural beauty abounds and one can spend their entire trip enjoying just the nature parks or the cool visage on the beach.