Most Versatile Martial Arts Weapons

Through time, humankind has created a variety of distinct weapon-based martial arts styles. The martial arts are influenced by their values, culture, and, of course, the fighting styles. The weapons are also different since every one of them uses the weapon that is most appropriate to the style and goal.

From nunchucks to razor-sharp, Japanese Katanas, every weapon has its unique history and purpose. In this article, we're providing you with martial arts tools.

Hook Swords

Hook swords are probably the most terrifying weapon on this list. Imagine someone threatening you with a pair of these weapons. It's straight from the horror film. The pros usually employ them in pairs, but you could make them an individual weapons.

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Sai weapons

The Sai is a weapon that is used by Okinawans and is extremely popular around the world. Based on the various sources available, Sai is most likely to have come from a variety of countries, including China, India, and Vietnam. There is a belief that it was employed by Silat students.

Like the majority of conventional weapons, Sai comes in a variety of forms as well as methods to use it.


Shurikens are small, interesting old-fashioned Japanese weapons. They come in many styles and shapes. They typically have the form of a star and had sharp edges, so they could be able to go across the skin.

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